UTSA scholars to study health effects of electronic cigarettes

But, very little research has been done about the effects of inhaling vaporized nicotine. Over the next year, the researchers will study the effects that inhaling vaporized nicotine has on a person’s heart rate, blood pressure, resting metabolic rate, physical work capacity and brain blood flow. UTSA students pursing kinesiology and health-related careers will conduct research alongside the scholars, giving them the opportunity to learn quantitative research methods in preparation for their careers in academia and health-related professions. The scholars will work under the hypothesis that vaporized nicotine stimulates the human nervous system in ways that could seriously impact daily living. They believe that the inhalation of vaporized nicotine has the potential to increase a person’s resting metabolism, making exercise problematic.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.utsa.edu/today/2013/07/ecigarettes.html

Electronic cigarettes sprout on Boston shelves

But Nguyen said he is hoping the city permit he recently received to sell e-cigarettes, as they are popularly known, may add some sizzle to his otherwise lackluster sales. Its another way for us to generate income, said Nguyen, who is waiting for his first delivery of the devices, which resemble traditional cigarettes but use batteries to heat nicotine-laced liquid, producing a vapor that is inhaled. Store owners across the state are selling e-cigarettes, but the state does not track the number of these retailers. An increasing number of Massachusetts communities have recently joined Boston, which passed regulations in late 2011 to treat e-cigarettes like tobacco products, banning their use in the workplace and restricting their sale to adults only.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.bostonglobe.com/lifestyle/health-wellness/2013/07/07/rush-for-permits-sell-cigarettes-boston/Ub4CFrhkyuENsoi1X55dcK/story.html


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